sp alco s4 #1474
This is my first engine repaint. I used Mark Toland's great Alco S4 model as a base from which to start. The real (prototype) Southern Pacific Alco is shown in the last graphic below, and is what I modeled my S4 on. The model also includes my repainted version of Mark's animated S4 cab view and has an SP lines logo and 1955 calendar. The download of the S4 includes the Alco sound package, also by Mark Toland, for added realism. You can download this SP Alco on the train-sim.com site. Search for the file sp_alcs4.zip. The model is also available on the Sacramento Locomotive Works site.

Front Quarter

As many of the details of the prototype that I could manage have been incorporated into this tiger-striped switching model. Unfortunately, striping the toolbox was not possible (at least for me). The bases of both entry doors have been raised to more match the prototype. The side venting has been tweaked and moved a little for a more accurate match of SP #1474 venting. I added custom rear striping to the back of the loco, unlike the prototype, since the wrap around diagonal striping of the original was difficult to match on the rear. The railings are all painted near-white from front to rear. I would have liked to have left the side railings black or a darker color, but this isn't possible with this repaint.

Rear Quarter

I use TGATool2 to convert the ACE files and Paint Shop Pro 7 to edit the images. I sure learned a lot doing this, and it was a ton on fun.

Cab View Right

Cab View Left

Prototype SP #1474